December 31, 2008…Goodbye and see you all next year…

Written by Jeffrey L Tucker on December 31st, 2008

December 31, 2008, 11:01pm: Wow, what a still night. I went outside to have a cigar and check on the horses. Very cold out there. When I go out late at night like that it only takes a couple of steps before I’m joined by a dog and two cats who go on rounds with me. I like this time of night, very peaceful. I figured I’d better let you all know I’m alive and well and we’re all hanging in there. We survived our first Christmas without Jordan. While I tried to honor the traditions I hold dear, I found my heart just wasn’t in it. My Christmas village didn’t go up this year, the Christmas railroad that surrounds it stayed in the box as well. The Christmas music I typically play until people around me beg me to stop only occasionally sounded from the stereo. It was hard not looking at the fireplace and the mantle above it that now holds Jordan’s ashes. My girls came over Christmas Day and spent the night. They were surprised to find gifts for them under the tree. They had requested only one thing this year –  lockets engraved with Jordan’s name and dates of existence on this planet. I wanted to see them smile so we had bought them some additional gifts and Friday we took them to the mall so that they could pick out some outfits. Reluctantly they went into the mall but after spending some time there they relaxed and even smiled. I’d like to say his loss taught everyone the true meaning of Christmas but I think the more accurate thing it taught us was that trinkets and bobbles really don’t mean anything and we would all give up whatever we had to have Jordan here with us. In every Christmas picture I have for the past 18 years Jordan was there with his grin, studying that new sports game or fishing lure or whatever it was he had just opened. The cats loved that big kid, for some reason Kat’s mean old 17 year old cat Max and Jordan connected and whenever Jord visited Max would follow him and curl up with him.

2008 was a rollercoaster of a year. Most of it has been chronicled here come to think about it. Our lives went from very private and quiet to public in a short time frame. We’ve met lots of good-hearted folks – and some, not so nice ones. It’s funny what a taste of exposure does to people, isn’t it? We’re still giving the One Horse folks a reason and something to do as evidenced by their continued negative posts. Bet this paragraph gets cut and pasted and forwarded despite the copyright notice at the bottom of this site so let’s hope they’re very quiet about it as they simmer and stew and opine. It’s nice we give others a focus though and hopefully that focus includes actually helping horses in need. We’ve shared our life on the farm after Windchill’s passing because so many fell in love with horses because of Windchill and wanted to learn more. They got to see the good – and the sad. The ups and the downs.

It’s 11:30pm now – in 30 minutes it’s a new year. As for 2008, I’d like to say “thanks” to all who made it memorable – to those who came to the rescue of a little colt in need and stayed after his passing to help contribute to what has become his Legacy. We’re accomplishing such amazing things these days it blows me away the power of belief and friendship and desire to change things. 2009 will have new challenges but we have a fine organization to face them with, and a lot of really good friends to make things happen. And we’ll finally get to find out what happens to those that caused Windchill’s condition as they go on trial January 20th. I’m sure folks will be posting updates as it approaches and during. But that’s in 2009 – we still have 30 minutes until 2009. So let’s enjoy the remainder of 2008 and give thanks for another year successfully traveled in our lives journeys. Thank you for being there friends and God bless us everyone.

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