Make Your 8:20pm Count

Written by Jeffrey L Tucker on November 10th, 2009

Make your 8:20pm Count

Not many can point to the exact time of their last communication between themselves and a loved one. I can. It occurred on November 13th, 2008, via cell phone text messages, shortly after a father and son finished birthday shopping. Jordan was heading back to his home in Cloquet, and I was on my way back to my farm in Wisconsin. It went like this:

8:20pm: Happy birthday again Jord. I’m very proud of u and glad I got to see u
8:31pm: Yeah thanks for takin me shoppin. I had fun
8:32pm: Good i’m glad. Me too.

One night later and my son would no longer be here to text. I know that because I have checked my phone a thousand times. That last conversation is saved in my phone’s inbox. There won’t be any more texts from or to him but I still check. Just in case this was a horribly bad dream. So my advice to you is to fill somebody’s inbox right now. Say you’re sorry, say you miss them, say you love them, say hello. Make sure your last message sitting in someone’s inbox at 8:20pm or whenever is something you’re glad you told them.

Jordan’s message left on my computer, age 3

Jordan’s last voicemail letting Barb know where he was that afternoon after school, 11/14/2008

Jordan's Senior Class Picture

Jordan's Resting Place

Jordan's Resting Place

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