February 29th..a very special day…the 4th anniversary of Windchill’s passing

Written by Jeffrey L Tucker on February 26th, 2012

I can’t believe it’s February again. And this one’s a special one as you guys all know – it’s the true 4th anniversary of Windchill’s passing with a February 29th in it.

Many of us are planning remembrances of the little guy – many are lighting candles in his honor. If you do light candles in his honor, could you please take a picture and send it to us so that we can post. We’ll be posting the pics on the Raindance site and possibly on the forum if I can find a volunteer to help with that – I have never successfully posted pictures on here that I can remember!

You can email the pictures to me: jeff@raindancehorses.com and I’ll try to get them loaded as they come in but I can’t promise for sure because of the intermittent internet at the place I live currently. If not, I will get them uploaded in the next day or two to show you all each other’s memorial candles.

Your friend,

Jeff Tucker

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