Windchill’s memory…remembering…

Written by Jeffrey L Tucker on February 28th, 2013

Hi friends,

This is way late in coming. We just finished a Windchill Legacy board meeting. It’s 7pm on the anniversary of Windchill’s passing. As many of you will recall he passed away on February 29, 2008 – he found a way to make that day his own, just as he took a word that defines cold, wind chill,  and made it a warm place in all of our hearts.  Tonight his quiet resolve, determination, and that playful sometimes mischievous and always loving spirit he had will be remembered by people across this land. I haven’t had the time I would’ve liked to post and remember his memory. I think he’d understand. I’ve been busy working with the publisher of his upcoming book. We had all hoped to have a book cover design ready to show you, unfortunately everything is still being tweaked. The manuscript is in the design and layout stage, the pictures have all been chosen, quotes from reviewers have been selected and the narrative for the front and back cover are finished – lots of moving pieces to this book process! In the end hopefully this book will honor his memory, tell his story, and move people to want to end abuse and neglect in all its forms. One person at a time we can end the cycle and we can all make a difference. I learned that from a little 9 month old colt who touched the world and gave us all a little bit of hope back. Rest in peace little man. And know that we still believe.


Jeff Tucker

Windchill’s dad

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