My son’s memorial site & Life Video-Jordan Tucker

Memories of Jordan Tucker from Allie Ziells on Vimeo.

“>Video of Memories of Jordan done by Jordan’s High School Friends – One Year Later

Retirement of Jordan Tucker’s Jersey and Number

Jordan Lee Tucker
11/10/1990 – 11/15/2008

Jordan Tucker’s Life – Video

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  1. Nov

    I first knew of Raindance and your whole wonderful world through the experience of Windchill. It seems like yesterday. It seems like years ago.

    Laurie H. from MN mentioned your loss of Jordan in a post on the FoB’s website…so here I am, and I daresay, many will follow, with the words you have heard through the haze. THERE ARE NO WORDS.

    So I am sending a hug. And I come from Cloquet grandparents, Will and Alma Shanley,and God knows, most Minnesotans are great huggers…so among other MN traits, I inherited that from my Mom’s people.

    My greatest sympathies go out to your family, Jordan’s friends and to you, Jeff. So many of us came to feel we knew you and Kathi through the Windchill experience.

    May God continue to wrap you in whatever you need minute by minute. I am so glad your community is close and loving.
    And there are always the horses.

    Jordan and Windchill–together forever. There’s celestial magic in that.

    Jonna Skehan
    Liverpool, NY

  2. Feb

    The Windchill web site is soo beautiful… and you all are so great and wonderful for what you did to try and help Little Winechill… I will burn a candle feb. 28th in his honor marking 1 year passing.. and I hope the people that did this too him pay for what they did… Just a sad story that he couldn’t make it.. if only someone could have found him sooner.. It just sickens me to know that there are ruthless people that could do this to an aniamal.. Prayers & Gods blesings to you all and all who gave it there best shot to help Windchill make it .. At least he got love, respect, food and warmth, for the short time he had … I just wish he would have pulled thru.. If people don’t want there animals, why dont they give them to someone.. I hope your fight & voice for Little Windchill will continue, and put and end to animal abuse… I have 2 mini schnauzers, I consider them my canine Kids , I wish I could own a horse, hopefully some day I can…. Again , Your web site is Beautiful, and what a great tribute to Windchill….

  3. Feb

    Jeffery & Kathie,
    Their are No words to say, I too send hugs, I did not realize that you had lost a son, God Bless your Family, and I know Jordan is in a special place surrounded by love & what he loves, & I’m sure he and Windchill are together..

  4. Feb

    I first thought this was a site your son did for Windchill.. I apologize, hugs & prayers to your family.

  5. Mar

    Tucker, prayers to you too, you were taken too too soon… Now Rain, Gift & Windchill are with you in heaven..

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